MFCA Forum Japan

Chairman’s Message

In order to achieve industrial and social development while sustaining our civilization, significant increase in resource productivity drastically is necessary. In order to achieve this, having an indicator to manage the effective utilization of resources in economic and social activities is required.

Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA), which became the ISO standard (ISO 14051) in 2011, quantifies resource utilization in physical and monetary terms and visualizes the environmental impact of consumption of these resources, potentially being a universal indicator for resource productivity. However, research, implementation and theorization are still required in many areas. MFCA Forum Japan, established in 2009, has the aim of promoting government-industry-academia collaboration. We intend to promote it and promote its further evolution and thank you all for your support and cooperation everyone.

Katsuhiko Kokubu
Chairman of MFCA Forum Japan
Professor, Kobe University, Convener of ISO/TC207/WG8(MFCA)

About MFCA Forum Japan

Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) is a method that focuses on the visualization of material losses. Reduction of material losses helps reducing environmental impact and increase profits, making MFCA a powerful tool for environmental management.
In September 2011, ISO14051 which contains the standardized practices of MFCA was published. This standard is an international standard that was proposed and led by Japan. Therefore, Japan is responsible for further developing MFCA and spread it to other countries, contributing to improve resource management business efficiency of the industry.

While MFCA has been implemented by many corporations, and knowledge on MFCA-application has been organized, there are still many challenges that require continuous improvement. In order to promote the MFCA progress, sharing MFCA knowledge, application, and systematization is of upmost importance.
With the objective of extending the benefits of MFCA throughout Japan and the rest of the world, MFCA Forum Japan was constituted as a place to share the benefits of MFCA, beyond the boundaries of private industry, government and academia, business, governments, researchers, and civil partnership.

Mission of MFCA Forum Japan

MFCA Forum Japan has been established in order to help the business community to achieve improvements in both resource efficiency and business management efficiency. We aim to provide the industry with the "realization of both the improvement of management efficiency and improve resource efficiency" by the MFCA based on the followings:

  • Promote the further development of MFCA as a management technique.
  • Transmit and conduct further research on new, manufacturing and services with low environmental impacts achieved through MFCA.
  • Ensure domestic, international dissemination of MFCA through information sharing, know-how accumulation and further systematization of the implementation process.


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